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Littleton Youth Soccer / Philosophy

What is LYS?

Mission Statement: Develop soccer fundamentals in our grade K-6 youth by providing a fun learning environment while using a co-ed, recreational format.

  • Littleton Youth Soccer provides a fun, safe & healthy game for ALL KIDS! Our job is to make it fun and instill a lifelong passion for the sport in our young players.
  • The game is taught in a fun atmosphere through a co-ed, recreational and small-sided games program. Following the US Youth Soccer format, these programs emphasize FUN and de-emphasize winning at all costs.
  • For the player with advanced skills and greater ambition, competitive tournament teams are offered in addition to our in-house league (co-ed grade 3-4 & separate boy/girl grade 4-6 teams). *Note: Participation on these advanced teams is predicated by involvement in our co-ed rec league.


LYS has developed five philosophies:

  • Everyone Plays
    Our goal is for kids to play soccer, so we mandate that every player on every team must play at least half of every game.


  • Balanced Teams
    Each year, our expectation is to structure the teams as evenly balanced as possible, because it is fair & more fun when teams of equal ability play.


  • Open Registration
    Our program is open to all children between grades K – 6 who want to register and play soccer. Interest & enthusiasm are the only criteria for playing.


  • Positive Coaching
    Encouragement of all player’s efforts provides for greater enjoyment by the players & ultimately leads to better-skilled & better-motivated players.


  • Good Sportsmanship
    We strive to create a positive environment based on mutual respect rather than a win-at-all-costs attitude and our program is designed to instill good sportsmanship in every aspect of LYSL.


2015 LYS Board: Emily Kelly, Franco Rossi, Tracey Lewis, Sean Sweeney, Justin Poulton